Wrap Yourself Skinny in 45 minutes! (and my other weight loss …


I’m finally revealing my SECRETS on how I have gotten thin and stay thin after having Kira! Who wants to be Skinny After Babies? This was introduced to me from one of my celebrity friends and is the secret to how all the Hollywood stars and athletes stay fit!I mean did you watch the Golden Globes or even the Grammys? Notice how they wear those tight dresses and NEVER have their stomach stick out? Or even a muffin top over their pants?

Have you heard of that CRAZY wrap thing?

Whatever you want to call it!

* The Skinny Wrap

 *That Crazy Wrap thing

*The Ultimate Body Applicator

It Works! and you HAVE TO TRY IT

So just what is this crazy wrap thing? A botanically based, all natural, formula which delivers maximum tightening, contouring, hydrating, toning and firming results. The ingredients promote optimal skin health and skin nutrition. This is NOT water weight loss.

In fact, you should drink half your body weight in  WATER while wrapping. Hydration is key.


I’m sure you are wondering, is this a weight loss wrap? Yes it is! Your clothes will fit so much better after one use! It Works body wrap,is a non-woven cloth which can be applied to any area of your body (neck down). One size fits all. I have personally wrapped my stomach, my back (for back fat and love handles), my things and my arms! Men can also wrap their chests! Place it on your area of concern and the wrap will work it’s magic! The It Works Skinny body wrap stands out, as the world’s first to market body toning and contour wrap in the world! Seriously, it’s AMAZING! 


What else do I use? I use Thermofit to curb my appetite. Yep, this helps with weight loss too!


I also use the Fat Fighter supplement to block a portion of the fat from the carbs I eat. Perfect for days where I need my pizza fix!

For energy throughout my day, I use the greens!


You can SHOP HERE for all of the products you see above! And as always, if you have any questions, email me or send me a message to my Facebook page here!


Wraps are sold in a box of 4 which is considered a full treatment. Choose the area on your body that you hate the most. Use one wrap for that area, wear it a minimum of 45 minutes up to a few hours. Wear no more than 2 wraps at a time. More is not better. Drink a bottle of water for optimal hydration while wrapped. An all  natural cream is already infused on the wrap. The idea is for the cream to penetrate the skin. Do not exercise while wrapped, we do not want you to sweat the ingredient off. The idea is for the cream to penetrate the skin. Once you remove the wrap, massage any remaining cream into your skin. Your results will keep getting better over the next 72 hours since the cream will continue to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin for 72 hours after the wrap is removed. Results from one wrap will lat 2-6 months depending on your lifestyle and eating and drinking habits. Wrap the same area AGAIN once a week. Until you have used all 4 wraps. Your box of wraps will last a month. Results from a full treatment of 4 wraps are permanently progressive. There is nothing special you have to do, just wrap and go about your day. The wrap works all on its own.Try It.




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